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Social Studies, U.S. History: 1900-2017

                                8th Grade Social Studies

2017-18 First Trimester :

  • U.S. Constitution (review)
    • Focus on...
      • Three branches of government
        • Powers granted to each branch
        • Checks and balances
      • Amendments
        • Rights of the 1st and 4th Amendment
      • Election process
        • Federal and state elected and appointed positions
  • Current Events
    • Focus on...
      • U.S. and world news
      • Relationship between historical and current events
      • Objective v. Subjective reporting of news
  • Skills
    • Focus on...
      • MLA citations
        • primary and secondary source recognition
      • Presentations
      • Writing
      • Incorporating technology into classroom/learning

                            2017-18 Second Trimester :
  • U.S. History 1900-1999 (Conflict and Compromise)

                              2017-18 Third Trimester :
  • Economics and Personal Finance

Social Studies Links of Interest:

First World War .com:  Great website for all things WWI...short articles, an encyclopedia, biographies, pictures, maps, and early video.  Use this site to for your WWI project.   

    Short online quiz to show students the differences between the Democrat and Republican parties.  After taking the quiz, scroll down to see an explanation of the political spectrum, click on the "timeline" to see a description of each possible outcome.    

Kahn Academy:  Free online learning videos...lots to see.

     NHD rule booklet, sample process papers, annotated bibliographies, and projects.  All students participating in the contest should visit this site often.

     Keep up to date on NH NHD news.

     Carl Azuz and CNN...student-friendly 10 minute news reports on the day's top stories...so much pun!

     Want to know how a president is elected?  This is the site for you!

     Do you know the 50 state capitals?  All 50 words from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham?  Great site with thousands of trivia games.

     Educational site...quizzes for all content areas.  Outstanding geography games.

     Short (1-3 page) first hand accounts of history's greatest events.